Principles involved in implementing business information management

Implementing business information management is a complex task. The key principles of information management should be followed to successfully implement business information management.

It is important to realize that the information management is complex and manage it accordingly. Realization is the first key principle. The next is to focus on adoption. This clarifies that the staff of the organization should adopt the information management systems in order to achieve success. Without adoption of the system by the staff there is no point in implementing a sophisticated information management system. One of the other principles is that the benefits should be clearly visible to the users. Without them seeing it, they are not likely to adopt the information management system in the organization.

Prioritizing the information system projects is the next principle. You should know which task to do first and which next. It is a usual tendency to start with the one that is easy. But this is not the right approach. It will not give you a visible result which is one of the principles. Go by your business needs and prioritize the projects.

The next principle is to take the thousand steps approach. In this approach you will be implementing many small projects that are necessary for you business needs instead of looking for a single large application with all the requirements built in. You should understand that there is not a single large application that is going to address all your needs. If you plan for such an application in a single go, it is not going to work. Instead you should plan for simple small applications that satisfy the needs of a process in your business. Many such simple applications can be integrated in the future to form a single large application. So, your approach should be a thousand step approach.

Other principles like risk mitigation, providing strong leadership, extensive communication, and a system with good user experience should also be followed. Based on these principle you have to select the first project carefully so that you are implementing all of the principles in it.










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