A couple of software for construction document management

Construction documents include a lot of drawings and other paper documents in different formats. Integrated software to handle the drawings that are scanned from papers and also to import them from other drawing software is a necessity in the construction document management system. For example a drawing from CAD might be needed to be imported into the construction document management system so that it is included in the workflow of construction project management.

Version One is a company that provides a document management solution for the construction industry. With this software you can drastically reduce the costs of documentation and collaboration and thus increase the efficiency of project management and productivity. It is sure that you can recover the cost incurred on this software sooner. This software includes the document imaging solutions too as one of the module which is absolutely necessary.

Another software that can be used as Construction Document Management System is the AccuBuild’s software. This software also has an integrated set of tools that can be used to store data in electronic form. Apart from storage it is also easy to retrieve the data and share them with your project team. With this you can reduce a lot of paperwork otherwise done in the conventional methods of collaboration. You can scan the paper documents and convert them to digital form with the built-in module for imaging. The existing electronic versions of the documents can also be stored in it. It is sure that you can reduce the administrative costs involved in filing documents and later retrieving it. Tools to expedite the process of scanning are available in this software. This software can be used by companies of all sizes.

A simple search on the internet using a good search engine will give you links to many other software that come under the category construction document management.


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